You Know About Tilt Tray Towing

You might probably have heard of tilt tray towing if you’ve ever had to transport huge cargo containers or heavy equipment throughout Western Australia. But on the other hand, you might be interested in learning more about the benefits of employing tilt trays if you are planning to transfer a heavy load for the first time.

What is a tilt tray?

A tilt tray is a flatbed that is put onto a vehicle and tilts at an inclination to load and unload huge equipment, as you can presumably infer from the title. The loading of containers and other big items that need to be transported is made easier with the tray tilts since its back side moves downwards and touches the ground acting as a ramp for loading heavy equipment.

Tilt Tray towing, owing to its convenience and safety, has emerged as the most common technique of automobile towing. The car is connected to by the tow truck, which then drives it onto a ramp-like deck that tilts lower. Without using any force or effort, your car is held in place. To maintain its position, the platform gradually tilts backward.

Since your car is not being pulled behind the tow truck, this sort of towing is typically more tempting than others. Which may result in a breakdown or perhaps the separation of your car from the truck.

What are tilt trays used for?

It’s not simple to move trucks, massive machinery, and large equipment. Utilizing a tilt tray towing is one method to simplify this. To make it easier to load and unload bulky items, tilt trays provide reasonable and quality towing. In essence, a tilt tray is necessary for any object that is challenging to lift off the ground to be put onto a tow truck and move. The common loads that tilt trays are used for are listed below.

Shipping Containers

Tilt trays are the perfect choice if you don’t have a big forklift to shift around cargo containers. The important thing in this situation is to employ a tilt tray designed for the right payload of the containers. When the proper tilt tray towing is used, you’ll be shocked at how much easier you can move a shipping container.

Heavy Machinery

Heavy equipment’s load may prevent a conventional vehicle from carrying it. However, huge machinery and other equipment may be handled without any issues by a tilt tray truck.


Wheel-lift towing is not recommended for moving cars, particularly luxury models. The car may be put onto a truck’s bed using tilt tray towing, where it can be fastened firmly and transported from place A to place B with little likelihood of an accident, also preserving the mileage on your vehicle tyres.

Key Perks of Tilt Tray Towing Service

Because it transports automobiles in a secure manner, tilt tray trucks are prefered by many customers over traditional tow trucks. Clients may be certain that their vehicle is secure from potential further accidents that can result from towing because the automobile is put safely into the tilt tray truck’s platform.

1.    Easy Loading & Unloading

The majority of individuals choose to tow using a tilt tray towing for a few different reasons. This truck uses a movable tray that tilts at a degree and is also known as a rollback or slide. The automobile is placed onto the truck’s platform using a hydraulic mechanism and hauled for safe transport rather than just being towed along.

2.    Spacious Platforms for Carrying Multiple Vehicles or Equipment

With its roomy front and passenger seats, tilt tray trucks can carry up to five people at once. The bigger tilt tray trucks’ ability to load three automobiles onto its platform is their best feature. Winch ropes are useful for transporting huge, expensive automobiles that need particular caution when being towed since they assist hold the items during movement.

3.    Quick & Efficient Towing

Performance-wise, conventional tow trucks are slow. It takes a lot longer than the other versions to carry the vehicles from the point of real towing.

With contemporary technology of tilt tray towing, the tray lowers the back end like a slope using hydraulic energy. You may then quickly load or unload an enormous load from there. As opposed to employing hooks and chains, it is a fast and simple method.

Irrespective of where your car is parked, tilt tray trucks offer a reasonable and quality towing to transfer it. A tilt tray truck can modify the angle of its platform and easily raise your vehicle off the ground, unlike a tow truck wherever you need to shift the automobile in a specific direction. The automobile is then fastened to the platform and prepared for shipment.

4.    Vehicles are Less Prone To Accidents & Damage

It’s never simple to tow a car. After rationally securing the vehicle with the appropriate harness, you must cautiously return to a garage. Numerous items and barriers might be unintentionally hit by the automobile.

The rear view of the truck driver is obscured when pulling a car, making it challenging to manoeuvre the truck onto the road. Additionally, there is a remote chance that the vehicle being pulled might come undone and harm nearby automobiles. These dangers are almost nonexistent with a tilt tray truck. The driver can see the road clearly, and your car is undamaged.

These dangers are considerably diminished when using a tilt tray towing truck, though. Your automobile is essentially lifted onto a tray by the tow truck; it is not being trailed after it. It is completely safe and secure on the truck’s platform and out of direct danger.

5.    Passengers Can Hitch a Ride Too Along with Their Vehicle

The front cabin of tilt tray towing trucks may accommodate several people due to its design and construction. This makes it possible to securely carry and evacuate the accident car’s occupants from the hazardous and stressful accident scene.


You can achieve your varying requirements with the aid of a tilt tray shipping company. It hires competent workers who are aware of the right methods for unloading and loading different equipment onto the truck. Your essential assets will be delivered to your new home in top shape thanks to the staff with reasonable and quality towing.


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