Arguments about the various techniques used to tow manual and automatic vehicles have been raging for years and years. The subject of how can you tow an automatic car in neutral is raised as the majority topic of automakers and turn their attention to automatic vehicles instead of all car towing services.

To prevent harm to the transmission system, care should be used when tow an automatic car. The driving wheels should be on the ground if at all possible. The car should not be dragged for more than 25 kilometers at a pace of no more than 40 kilometers per hour.

To Tow an Automatic Car, Keep Few Things in Mind

If your car has front-wheel drive and an automatic transmission, the front two wheels will be elevated by utilizing a vehicle dolly. Just put the car in park and start the tow. Your car must have a suitable towing system if all four wheels are on the ground in order to prevent the transmission from turning without the required lubrication.

No amount of shifting the car into neutral will stop it from getting hurt. In an emergency, you can start the car and leave it running while it is being towed while the transmission is in neutral. While doing so will keep the transmission oiled, prolonged/longer time towing is not advised.

If your car has automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive, the most challenging vehicle to properly tow is this one. Unless you leave the car running or have a car with the right equipment fitted, you must disconnect the driveshaft whether you are using a dolly or “flat towing” with all four wheels on the ground.

It is advised that you identify the type of the vehicle before towing it, including whether it is a front- or rear-wheel drive vehicle, if it is automatic or manual, what kind of transmission system it has, and, lastly, what its towing capability?

To install brake and tail lights on the car being towed, use a lighting kit that can be rented or purchased at a rental company or parts store. Before starting to tow the vehicle, double-check that all of the lights are operational. As an alternative to a tow bar or car dolly, you can tow any type of vehicle without worrying about the transmission by using a car trailer.

Before starting a towing project or using a vehicle to tow another vehicle that has broken down, it’s crucial to understand the type of transmission system it has. The front wheels of the car must be elevated off the ground when being towed if the transaxle is not working or if the distance to be travelled is greater than 15 miles (25 km).

Tow the automobile for about a quarter to a half mile, then stop to check all of the connections and car’s functions. Check to see if all of the lights are still on. Verify the fit of the hitch and safety chains. If everything is okay, carry on with the towing.

Concluding Remarks

Modern automated manual gearboxes can typically be flat-towed, although conventional automatics typically have speed and distance restrictions that would prevent towing of. Towing manual transmissions while the car is in “park” puts them at danger of being harmed at serious level. Only neutral car towing is allowed for these vehicles. On the other hand, automatic transmissions can be forced to travel in the opposite direction by the trailer since they do not disengage while the vehicle is in “neutral state.”

Even when in neutral condition with the drive wheels on the ground, automatic transmission vehicles shouldn’t be hauled or pushed away. Lubrication for the automatic cars/vehicle is provided by a motor-driven pump. When an automatic vehicle is being towed or pushed with the engine off, the gears are operating without oil, which might harm the engine in serious ways.

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