What to Do & Not to Do When Your Car Overheats?

Are you Planning a family trip to enjoy moments together freely and happily? Pick the destination and think about the peace that leads you away from regular boring, dull and dead routine. How about having a destination on mountains or on beach?

You literally start imagining the environment and nature to get peace and if your trip actually starts according to the plan. A carefree and cheerful family gets in the car and speeds off to the mountains on weekend. But unfortunately, disaster strikes after a few hours of the journey and you have to stop as the engine begins to smoke.

Ah! Why do engines get hot? What are car overheating causes? What is going to happen next?

Don’t you think like a terrible scene is happening from a horror movie that you stuck on road and smoke coming out of the car?
Learn with Kings Car Towing about what to do and what not to do when your car engine overheats.


Why Do Car Engines Overheat?

There are several reasons of car overheating. In most cases, this occurs when a problem with the cooling system prevents heat from leaving the engine compartment. A leak in the cooling system, a malfunctioning radiator fan causing radiator overheating, a damaged water pump, or a clogged coolant hose could be the cause of the problem.

You don’t want to let an engine overheat for the risk of significant, even irreparable engine damage.

Symptoms of Car Engines Overheating

You may lessen the possibility of permanent engine damage if you can take action to cool your engine before it overheats to the point of failure. However, you must first become aware of the signs and symptoms of overheating engine, which includes:

  • Steam emerging from the hood of the car, which can appears to be smoke.
  • A dashboard engine temperature indicator that spikes to “H” or the red. Consult your owner’s manual for the specific symbols for your engine temperature gauge.
  • If there is an odd odor emanating from the engine area. For instance, while leaking oil may smell more burnt, coolant leaks may smell lovely.

Follow these instructions and get in touch with your local repair shop as soon as you notice the engine overheating.


What to Do When Car Overheats?

Follow the given steps if you are worrying about what to do for overheating car:

  • Stop The AC And Knock Over The Heat

To lessen the strain on the engine, immediately turn off the air conditioner. The dial to the highest heat setting. Until you can stop in a safe area, this can assist in drawing heat away from the engine to prevent it from overheating. Even if you could become a little warm, a few minutes of discomfort is nothing compared to the cost of expensive engine repairs.

  • Shut Off The Car

Let the engine cool for at least 15 minutes. Watch the temperature gauge as when the engine gets cool, it should return to a normal range. Plan how you’re going to get your overheated engine checked out while you wait and keep an eye on the gauge. For assistance, dial a friend or towing service provider like Kings Car Towing for quick aid in emergency.

  • Add Coolant

A simple top-off is the solution if your coolant level is low. It could assist as safeguard to your engine and prevent overheating until you can get the issue rectified. This procedure won’t help much, though, if your problems are being caused by a broken radiator fan or water pump, a clogged coolant pipe, or both. To locate your vehicle’s coolant reservoir tank and learn how to add coolant, refer to your owner’s manual.

  • Get the car towed & restart engine

Either to call for car towing services to relocate the vehicle into a better place or by starting the engine after rest. Apply the above-mentioned solutions to get the situation better. Still keep an eye on temperature gauge if you have started driving. If it rises again, stop over and let the system get cool. By having this done again and again it’s better to get a car towed and let the checkup held by professionals.


What Not to Do When Car Engine Overheats?

  • Do Not Get Panic

Engine cannot get itself cool but you can do so. First of all, do not get panic attacks over the situation. The best solution to such situation is to get a break, stop over, get relaxed, understand the context and then take a step accordingly with cool and open mind.

  • Stop Driving

In case your engine is heated in fact over heated but you are still driving then it may cause serious damages by staying on road. One should stop driving on the spot and let the engine get cool. Don’t rush to reach the destination. Rest of the damages due to hurry can be immensely cost effected.

  • Never Take Off Hood Immediately

Once you get stop. Must wait for the engine to get cool before popping or taking the hood out to check. Opening hood directly and immediately can add up a high risk on you like burns or injuries from steam or smoke. Again, patience is the important key here. Wait for the gauge settles down before opening the hood.

  • Never Let the Problem Stays Longer

Overheating engine isn’t get cool on its own even after pouring coolant. Things and situation will get disastrous if left unaddressed. One can check or enquire the root cause as to save the engine and its life span. Get your car towed with Kings Car Towing service and they will guide you accordingly. Allow yourself to let them solve your problem with quick services.


How to Overcome an Overheated Car Engine?

If you take care of your automobile, in return, it will look after you. The easiest strategy to avoid the causes of car overheating is to do routine coolant exchanges and flushes on it, as well as to perform radiator maintenance as directed by the vehicle’s manufacturer. You may prevent radiator or engine problems from getting worse by doing routine inspections. You may get the answer of how to fix overheating car and why is my car overheating.

This summer, head towards the mountains instead of the highway or a beach to cool your mind and soul by must knowing the precautionary measure for overheating car’s engine.


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