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If you have a vehicle, you have fear, Let’s say you face any unwanted emergency,
accident, or road mishap. Sometimes, cars break down, tyres get punctured, or you face any technical issue that doesn’t allow your vehicle to move further.

Tow a car or vehicle means to drag and pull it with a rope, chain, or tow bar. Car
towing is the service that every driver needs to know and get himself well aware of in case of road emergencies that could happen at any time and lead to car destruction. In an historical glimpse, the tow truck was first invented in 1916 by Ernest Holmes, Sr. of Chattanooga, Tennessee, He was a garage worker who got inspiration by needing blocks, ropes, and six men to pull a car out of a creek. Since then, towing a car or truck has become a proper business, worldwide.



Car tow varies according to the needs and conditions that happen on & off the spot. Few of the towing ways are mention below:

  • Tow Car with another Car
  • Tow Car with Trailer
  • Tow Car with Tow Bar
  • Tow Car with Dolly
  • Tow Car with Rope

Services That You Need To Know About Towing a Vehicle

Car Towing Services has a range and variety to provide assistance in shifting and moving vehicles from one place to another. People rely on trustable services to get assistance with quick work and punctuality. As it is always a sigh of calmness when a car towing company like “KINGS CAR TOWING” steps forward to assist you right on time with reliable expertise.

Let’s have a look below to the basic services that require drivers’ attention towards Car Towing.


  • Car towing service

Sometime people go through unwanted trouble on roads that can caused by car accidents or emergencies like if car stop working, usually smoke comes out of the bonnet or anything that stops engine-work and gadgets around it whereas you might be on a road trip, way too far from your local area or automobile market and all of a sudden, you face an uneven query regarding the road vehicle so, In such situation, onecan call to a “Car Towing Service Providers” who can sort-out your problem by taking your car to the right place of maintenance.


  • Breakdown towing service

The ratio of accidents are increasing worldwide more of the reason that people don’t follow rules, traffic signals and using mobile phones while driving. In any scenario like that can put you in trouble, not only for your car but for yourself too. Meanwhile, out of such one ease can be provide by the tower who tows itand relocate your broken car to the garage or to the automobile market with just one call away. Make sure the towing car should be heavier than the damaged vehicle as moving a car way bigger than the towing one can cause extra usage of brake and power.


  • Flatbed towing service

Flatbed towing vehicles are long trucks that are specially designed to transport small vehicles, such as bikes and cars, inside of them for relocation. They have a flat back body that is typically set with an automatic system driven by the driver to lower down its back surface to the ground, and people park their cars over one at a time using lifter or while driving. These trucks typically offer their services to auto showrooms because businesses hire them to transport their vehicles to other cities or regions in order to sell them.


  • Boat towing service

Due to the wide variety of vehicles, including air and water vehicles, towing is not limited to roads alone. The primary watercraft is a boat, which comes in a variety of designs and uses. Boat malfunctions can happen if it is struck by another boat, if water enters its interior, or if it jerks or is struck by sea life or rocks. Towing a boat is a difficult task when getting it ready for maintenance. Safety precautions to keep in mind include reducing towline chafing, maintaining the proper distance between the truck and boat, and paying close attention to the towing rope or chain because it contains heavy structure.


Final Words:

Accidents, Emergencies and mishaps are the part of life. No one can deny the fact of getting in trouble at anytime, anywhere. Your Vehicle needs care & attention whenever an accidental situation occurs. When it comes to vehicle towing, KINGS CAR TOWING service is the dependable, guaranteed, and timely authentic solution to the issue.




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