6 Disadvantages of Towing Low Profile Vehicles with a Towing Dolly

Ever wondered why low profile towing isn’t as smooth as towing regular cars?

Low-profile cars like high-performance sports cars and vintage classics demand special care when moving from one place to another.

It’s because they are often associated with a stiffer, lowered suspension, larger tires and rims. These modifications make the cars look sportier and affect their performance during braking and cornering. Therefore, towing these low-profile cars isn’t easy, and requires the right tools with expertise for a smooth journey.

Let’s discuss the challenges of using a tow dolly for low profile cars:

Towing Low Profile Vehicles

1. Clearance Issues – Damaging the Car’s Front Fascia:

Low-profile vehicles often have a front end that sits closer to the ground. With low profile tow dolly, there’s a risk of damaging the car’s front fascia due to insufficient clearance. The front part of the car might not have enough space to get onto the dolly without scraping. The dolly’s angle might not be right for the car’s shape, so the front part called the fascia, could get damaged.

However, there’s a way to fix this low profile towing issue. You can put two pieces of wood, each measuring 2 inches by 8 inches, under the dolly’s ramps. This raises the ramps a bit, giving more space for the car’s front to go up without hitting the ground. It’s not a perfect fix, but it can prevent damage to the front of your car.

2. Hook-up/Attachments Problems:

In low profile towing, attaching your car to the towing dolly isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to be extra careful to ensure that the two wheels on the dolly are firmly attached and that the emergency brake is off. This is because the back wheels stay on the ground when you use this towing method. Additionally, whether your car is front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive determines if you need to take out the drive shafts or not.

3. Dragging Risks – Bumpers and Body Kit Parts Might Suffer:

When using tow dollies, the front wheels of the car are raised off the ground. This means that if you’re towing a car with a low suspension, there’s a high chance that body kit parts and bumpers, which are close to the ground, might get dragged along the road surface.

4. Tough and Limited Movability:

Low-profile vehicles often have limited ground clearance and may have features that reduce flexibility, such as stiff suspensions or lowered ride heights. Therefore, moving or loading a car with these characteristics onto a towing dolly can be challenging,

Moreover, when you have a tow dolly connected to your truck, it’s really difficult to drive backward. Unless you’re good at driving and can stay patient, trying to back up with a dolly can be a big hassle. If your low-profile car was being towed by a flatbed instead, you wouldn’t have this issue.

5. Damage to the Back Wheels:

Dolly towing with low profile tires is another challenging situation because it can cause damage to the back wheels. This happens because when the front wheels are lifted, more weight is put on the back wheels. As a result, the tires on the back wheels can wear out more quickly.

6. Difficulty in Whole Car Security:

Ensuring the entire car’s safety is hard with a towing dolly. Unlike on a tow truck where the vehicle’s wheels are firmly held in place with the hand brake, a towing dolly requires the wheels to spin freely. Since only a portion of the vehicle sits on the dolly, achieving complete security is challenging. Unfortunately, there have been cases where vehicles have come loose from dollies while being towed.

Now, let’s move on to the noteworthy question!

How to Tow a Low Profile Car?

There are two significant options here…

Using Flatbed Low Profile Tow Truck

To safely tow a low-profile car, one effective method is to utilize a flatbed low truck. Some towing companies specialize in this service and have dedicated flatbed trucks for transporting such vehicles.

Flatbed trucks are preferred because they feature a tilt and slide mechanism, which facilitates easier and safer loading of the vehicle. Other types of tow trucks, such as towing dollies, are not recommended for towing low-profile cars due to the heightened risk of causing damage to the vehicle.

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