Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Car Towing

Most likely, a car towing company will be responsible for towing your vehicle. Nobody’s idea of a fun afternoon activity is having their car towed, yet there are instances when it is the best course of action. Because it’s so much simpler, having your car towed by another firm is significantly more prevalent. It doesn’t need to be difficult at all to have your automobile towed. It may prevent you from becoming stuck or from causing your car additional harm. You’ll return to driving more quickly as well. Before getting on the road, everyone should consider the following items on our list. We go through important activities that ought to be on any pre-towing checklist before offering some driving advice to make car towing trips safer and more efficient.  

How To Prep For Car Towing


Safety First

  • Move your car away from danger as soon as possible to prepare it for towing. See if you can push the automobile to a safer position if it is in the way of traffic or is at risk of being struck by another vehicle passing by.
  • Make careful parking your car in a secure place while you wait for a tow truck. Your ideal location would be in a parking lot or a tiny side street, entirely off the road.
  • If your automobile broke down amid a busy roadway, attempt to push it or drive it very carefully to the side of the road.
  • If you are unable to relocate it, make sure to turn on your hazard lights and surround it with cones or flares to alert other motorists to your presence. You may also display that you’ve broken down and your car is immobile by opening the hood.

Notify the Police

If you are required to abandon your car, you may also need to get in touch with the police to notify them to know your automobile is there while you arrange for the car towing company. You shouldn’t need to wait that long if you have scheduled a 24-hour car towing service. Notifying the police is still a sensible choice. This will stop them from possibly fining you for leaving a car alone. Giving the police a call will also keep a crucial record of what happened.

Call Your Insurance Company

You might wish to call your insurer first before calling any car-hauling services. If you’re having trouble finding a reputable car towing business online, they might be able to recommend one to you. However, they might only cover specific registered towing firms.

Discover Your Exact Location

Before hiring a car towing service, you should also determine your exact position so the tow truck can get to you swiftly and conveniently. Check any surrounding signs if you’re not sure where you are. Google Maps also allows you to look up your location.

Remove Personal Items From Your Car

You should also take any valuables or priceless personal items out of your car before the car towing company shows up. The protection of your personal property within your car is not often guaranteed by towing services.

Photograph The Car Before Towing

Take photographs of your car as you prepare for the car towing agency to show up. The majority of towing businesses do an excellent job of maintaining your car’s condition. However, there may be times when a business damages your car while towing it, and you need to have documentation that the damages didn’t exist before the towing.

Disengage The Parking Brake

Last but not least, remember to keep the parking brake released so that the wheels may spin while your car is being towed. When the parking brake is used, your automobile will drag and might sustain significant damage.

In Conclusion

You’ll be well prepared to have your automobile towed if you stick to these simple advice and tactics. So as you can see, getting your automobile ready to be towed doesn’t have to be a major concern whether you use a professional towing system or do it yourself. However, if you don’t have the proper coverage, it might still be a significant concern. If you were in an accident or the automobile was damaged en route, you could need car towing. Kings Car Towing is ready to help if you need a dependable, high-calibre towing service. Light, medium, and heavy-duty towing are all services we offer, with a focus on transporting automobiles of any size. Additionally, we provide total accident recuperation.

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