Car Emergencies that Require Immediate Assistance

Ever thought of why do we need towing service assistance? Ever thought of having enough knowledge to understand the needs & requirements of towing service? Ever thought of when to tow a car in different contexts? How a person knows what problem leads him to quickly consult a car towing service like Kings Car Towing in Perth? Well for all in one answer. Let’s have a look at the article to thoroughly understand when to tow a car and what scenarios are precautionary. What knowledge is basic for everybody before towing a car? Your car is your travel partner and needs proper care with concentration. Firstly, before leaving anywhere do give a thorough check to the car and its requirements like:

  • Fueling
  • Water Level In Radiator
  • Engine Oil
  • Air Pressure In Tires
  • Tire Puncture
  • Battery
Secondly, make sure you have a proper plan with the journey you are going on and must take rest for yourself and for your car’s better function. Now let’s have a glimpse to understand:


When to Tow a Car Immediately Without Giving a Second Thought?

1. When Tire Gets Flat or Blast

Your car weight and burden is based on tires and they are the key to move on tracks/roads. Mainly the reasons like puncture, lack of tire inflation, overloading, damaged treads, warm temperature, separation of tire from rim, worn tire, over or under pumped tires, air pressure, accidents, over speeding or track hazards can cause tire problems like to get flat or blast. In such scenarios one can immediately call car towing services and take professional assistance to relocate car.

2. When Brake Fails

A mechanical system called a car brake aids in stopping vehicle motion. Its primary function is to slow and stop moving objects over friction. Several factors, such as brake fluid leaks, heavy or excessive loads on the vehicle, excessive pedal pressure, and travelling in slippery or muddy areas, can cause brake failure. Should your brakes fail, stop the car somewhere with less traffic and immediately dial a car towing service to move it to a secure location.

3. When Accident Happens

Life is a mystery, and nobody can forecast the future. God forbid if any kind of emergency happen on the road, such as an accident or car hit with heavy object. One should contact a car towing service that emphasizes efficiency and speed to transport your vehicle to a safe and secure location.

4. When Headlight Stops Working

At night, a car’s headlights serve as an eye. They make your path clearly visible so you can navigate roads and paths securely. Headlights can occasionally stop working due to electronic faults such as a dead battery, a spark from the battery, faulty wiring, a fuse in the switch, a damaged relay, a fused bulb, etc. In such a situation, one should not take any risk on their movement or their lives. In such context, just call a nearby towing service to shift the car.

5. When Battery gets Dead

Few reasons cause the car battery to be dead like weather effect as extreme hot or cold, headlights remain on for a longer period of time, any electronic device of care won’t turn off, battery is corroded or cracked, battery liquid is leaking or ended, engine making grinding noises, battery connections are loose and battery is not enough charged or old. In such case you can’t drive and you may need quick assistance of towing service to let you in a place where and expert can sort your battery problem.

6. When Engine stops or get Seized

Your car functions because of engine and due to many factors engine gets seized like lack of fuel/oil, difficulty with spark plugs, ignition failure, over-heat, choked catalytic converter and loose bolts. If engine isn’t working your car won’t move so one can quickly consult with car towing service for immediate relocation.

7. When you Hear Unwanted Sounds

A typical car moves smoothly without making any creaking or cringe noises unless something gets stuck in the car or its parts are partially damaged. If you hear grinding, hissing, knocking, tapping, or roaring coming from the bonnet or other sections of the vehicle, it needs to be addressed quickly. It is better to tow your car for maintenance than to drive while making such noises.

8. When Car gets Heat Up

There are multiple symptoms of a car getting heat-up such as failure of cooling system, blockage/clogged of corrosions due to different deposits, radiator issues, broken water pump, lack of coolant and engine issues etc. At such time one cannot take risk of handling this particular situation on its own so why not call out a car towing service for better assistance and relocation.

9. When Engine Oil Leakage Happen

There are multiple reasons of oil leakages but the major one is when engine got hit by hard objects or you move through a bumpy road. Apart from that leakage happens when engine gets heat up, loose bolts, oil gasket isn’t tightened properly and insufficient oil in pump causing malfunctioning of car so it’s a precautionary measure for a person to call nearby car towing service to change the location and get the car checked accordingly.

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