Can Towing Damage My Car?

Can Towing Damage Your Car

Towing a vehicle is a common practice in Australia, whether it’s due to a breakdown, accident, or transportation needs.

But sometimes, there comes a situation of breakdown that can be highly stressful and dangerous for you. So, you prioritise getting your vehicle and you to a safe spot by car towing service.

Here, in this situation, you may think that can towing damage your car. Since your car is being pulled onto a tilt tray or lifted on a wheel lift, you might get worried thinking that it could further damage your car.

If unfortunately, you’ve been in the same situation, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about in this article.

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Can Towing Damage Your Car?

The quick answer is no — When done right, towing won’t damage your car!

But let’s dig deeper into how it’s done correctly, what’s important, and what to watch out for.

Understanding Car Towing Methods | How your car is loaded onto a tow truck

While towing industry has improved a lot, there are mainly four methods, each one working a bit differently to keep your car safe:

1. Tilt Tray Towing:

This is generally a straightforward car loading process. Your car and the tow truck line up closely, the tray tilts down (that’s the ’tilt tray’ part!), and your car gets winched onto it. Using the right winch and towing points is important to avoid any damage. Once your car is on the tray, it’s strapped down securely before the tray is leveled. Easy peasy!

2. Flatbed Towing:

Here, your entire car goes on a flatbed trailer. It’s considered the safest towing method because your car wheels don’t touch the ground, saving them from any damage or wear and tear.

3. Wheel Lift Towing:

This method lifts just one set of your car’s wheels off the ground.

Again, your car and the tow truck are lined up and parked close to one another, keeping both vehicles parallel. Then, the lift goes down and places any side of the wheels and safely secured. Then the hydraulic lift is raised to the required. Just make sure your car is in neutral and the handbrake is off before lifting.

4. Dolly Towing:

This method lifts only the front wheels, leaving the rear ones on the ground. Like wheel lift towing, it can stress the lifted wheels, so it’s not for every car.

When these towing methods are done right, your car doesn’t get any damage.

Professional tow operators like Kings Car Towing have the right and cheap tow truck Perth to do the job without any risks. Additionally, we’re trained to handle every step carefully. Your car is made with specific tow points for this, our trucks are built for towing, and our drivers know their stuff.

Working with pros is the best way to ensure your car stays safe and sound throughout the towing journey!

So, the next time you need a tow, don’t worry—just make sure it’s done right, and your car will thank you for it!

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Towing Your Car

As we’ve mentioned above that towing your car correctly is crucial of your car safety. However, there are common mistakes that people often make, especially when they’re towing using a car trailer on their own. Let’s look at these mistakes to avoid damaging your car:

  • Using the Wrong Towing Vehicle or Equipment:

One big mistake is using equipment that’s not suitable for towing. Like using a small trailer for a big car or using weak ropes to tie down a heavy vehicle. This can be risky and dangerous, especially at high speeds.

We understand how costly the correct equipment can be. However, some risks simply aren’t worth taking. If a 2-tonne vehicle were to break loose at 100km/h, the consequences could be deadly in a second.

At Kings Car Towing, we prioritize safety above all else, using the best towing vehicle Australia; equipped to handle various types of cars safely and securely.

  • Overloading Your Tow Vehicle / Incorrect Loading:

Putting more weight on your tow vehicle than it can handle can stress the engine, brakes, and tires. This can lead to overheating, reduced control while driving, and even damage to your vehicle’s components.

Moreover, where you place your car on the trailer matters. If it’s not balanced properly, it can cause swaying, difficulty steering, or even loss of control on the road, leading to an accident. Additionally, make sure all four wheels are securely tied down to avoid any movement that could lead to problems during driving.

  • Not Aligning the Vehicle and Trailer Correctly:

When loading your car onto a trailer, make sure to use the right tow points and avoid pulling the car at an angle. When they’re not aligned properly, towing can put extra stress on your car’s parts, like the chassis and suspension. Thus, doing it incorrectly can damage your car, making your car less stable on the road.

  • Improper Brakes and Engine:

It’s essential to make sure your brakes are in good shape before hitting the road. If they’re not working well, it can be dangerous when towing, especially on hills or busy roads.

Moreover, don’t forget about your engine. Make sure it’s running smoothly and not overheating, as towing can put extra strain on it. Taking care of these basics can make your towing experience safer and smoother.

  • Under-inflated Tires:

Before you start towing, always check your tire pressure. Insufficient air in your tires can cause accidents and make steering your car tricky. Make sure to maintain proper tire inflation to improve control and lower the chances of damage during towing.

  • Not Hiring Professionals:

It might seem like a money-saver to do it yourself, but it can actually cause more problems. Professionals know the right way to tow without risking damage to your car. So, it’s smarter and safer to find a towing company who have the knowledge and right equipment and leave it to them to do it correctly.

Avoiding these mistakes can help keep you and your car safe while towing. It’s important to be cautious and use the right techniques and equipment for a smooth towing experience.

Clearing Up Myths About Towing Your Car

There are some myths floating around about towing that aren’t true – people think towing can damage their cars, cost a lot, or take forever.

Let’s bust these myths and answer your questions about getting your car towed!

Myth: Towing always damages your car.

Reality: Towing, when done correctly and with the appropriate method, does not inherently damage a car. It’s the improper towing practices or exceeding the vehicle’s towing capacity that can lead to damage.

Myth: Car towing is expensive and unnecessary.

Reality: While flatbed towing may cost slightly more than other methods, its safety benefits far outweigh the costs. It’s especially recommended for luxury vehicles, sports cars, and those with all-wheel or four-wheel drive.

Myth: Towing voids the car’s warranty.

Reality: Towing as a means of transporting a disabled vehicle typically does not void the warranty. However, if damage occurs due to improper towing, it may not be covered under warranty.

Tips to Minimise Damage While Towing a Car

Towing a car can pose risks to your vehicle if not done correctly. Here are some helpful tips to minimize these risks and keep your car safe during towing.

  • Inspect Your Vehicle Before Towing:

Before hitting the road, give your car a good check-up. Look for any existing damage or mechanical issues. This step is vital as it helps you catch potential problems early and can also impact insurance claims.

  • Secure the Vehicle Properly:

It’s important to secure your vehicle correctly to the towing equipment. This prevents it from moving around or coming loose while on the road. It not only protects your car but also ensures safety for other drivers.

  • Know Your Vehicle’s Towing Capacity:

Check your owner’s manual for the recommended towing capacity. Going over this limit can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Stick to the guidelines to avoid problems.

  • Choose the Right Towing Service:

Opt for flatbed towing whenever possible, especially for delicate or expensive cars. This method is safer and reduces the risk of damage during towing.

  • Hire a Towing Professional:

When you need towing service, rely on professionals like Kings Car Towing.

Here’s why:

  • Expertise and Experience: We know how to handle different vehicles safely.
  • Safety First: We prioritize safety protocols to transport your car securely.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We use modern tools to ensure a smooth towing process.
  • Prompt Response: We arrive quickly in emergencies to help you.
  • Professionalism and Reliability: Expect top-notch service from our dedicated team.
  • 24/7 Availability: We’re ready to help anytime, day or night.

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