Avoid Risk During Breakdown Towing

You may require the services of a tow truck for a variety of situations. You may have broken down in the middle of the street or been involved in a small traffic collision. There may be occasions when you just need to bring your automobile to the repair shop from your residence.

Most people are clueless about the differences involving accidents and breakdown towing. However, understanding the distinctions might spare you a huge amount of time and fret if you’re trapped someplace with a car that won’t start.

Breakdown Towing Explained

Breakdown towing refers to non-accident vehicle towing that is performed by towing specialists.  For example, if your car breaks down someplace and requires a tow truck driver to show up and tow it away, but you do not have insurance, you will be responsible for the charge up and recovery of your automobile.

This can be handled by anybody with a vehicle suitable for towing, particularly tow trucks that are licenced to respond to accident sites. In Perth, breakdown towing is held in check under state laws; breakdown towing companies must be licenced and follow specific rules. Road safety regulations, consumer safety laws, occupational health, and safety rules, and so on are only a few examples.

What is a Breakdown Tow Truck?

Any tow truck that is used to retrieve broken down cars is referred to as a breakdown towing. If your automobile breaks down and you hire a tow service, a breakdown tow truck will almost certainly be dispatched. You might have overheard them referred to as recovery trailers or wreckers. Nonetheless, they are designed to securely retrieve your vehicle off the road and bring it to a mechanic shop.

Tips to Follow During Vehicle Breakdown

1.    Set Up Your Safety Gear

Emergency lights, reflectors triangles, flashers, and other protective gear are all examples of safety equipment. For such scenarios, every automobile should have them in its emergency kit. Stay in your car once you’ve completed all of this. Only get out of the car if it’s absolutely essential or safe to do so.

2.    Raise The Hood to Signal Vehicle Breakdown

If feasible, pull aside and out of lane, especially in congested urban areas. Raise the hood of the car to signal to approach police that the vehicle is inoperable, and assistance is required. Even if all the emergency indicators are turned on, some highway vehicles may fail to notice and rear-end the disabled car, inflicting further damage or harm. Even if it looks to be a simple or easy repair, you should not attempt to repair the car. Allow time for competent breakdown towing assistance to come.

3.    Hire A Professional Towing Company

When you want a service in your house, you select the most qualified and licenced company for the task. Similarly, if you really need a tow truck, you should hire a company that deals exclusively in either breakdowns or accident take-away services, as both services demand specific expertise.

One must only contact a professional breakdown towing firm if one has been in a crash or have trouble with the car. Because the car must be handled by skilled and qualified tow truck operators for each of such functions.

4.    Discuss the Cost

The cost of breakdown towing in Perth can vary depending on the towing company. The costs will mostly be determined by the services you require. Accident towing services are usually more expensive than breakdown towing services.

5.    Ask About The Payment Method

Towing firms that are reputable should take both cash and credit cards. If you don’t have cash with you, this is vital to know since the tow truck driver may refuse to release your vehicle until the payment is made.

6.    Release Emergency Break

Vehicles that have the emergency brake engaged cannot be transported traditionally. The emergency brake will not assist you to relocate your car from one location to another if you are utilising a flatbed trailer.

As long as your automobile is securely loaded and locked, it is unlikely to be damaged. A variety of strategies and tow trucks can be used to retrieve a vehicle. However, in the vast majority of circumstances such as during heavy machinery transport, emergency brakes are not required.

7.    Wind Up All Windows

As people safely remove their malfunctioning cars after traffic failures, they generally don’t care about the windows. Locking up all the windows will keep any item or dust from flying into the car at the rear of the flatbed truck. As a result, confirm that all windows and doors are shut and secured once the breakdown towing service tows your car away.


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